Long track team notes for World Cup #7

Canadian long track team in Inzell, Germany, for Essent ISU World Cup #7

INZELL, Germany
– Canada’s long track speed skating team returns to action this weekend at Max Aicher Arena in Inzell, Germany, to take part in the seventh Essent ISU World Cup of the season on Saturday, Feb. 9 and Sunday, Feb. 10. World Cup #7 will feature the men’s and women’s 1,500 metres and mass start, the women’s 3,000 metres and men’s 5,000 metres. The Canadian team is listed below with their specific races.

Team notes for World Cup #7
Inzell, Germany - Max Aicher Arena


Saturday, Feb. 9
*8:30 a.m. (local): Division B: Women's 1500 m
12:10 p.m. (local): Division A: Men's 5000 m; Women's 1500 m and mass start
*Division B: Men's 5000 m; Women's mass start
Sunday, Feb. 10
*8:30 a.m. (local): Division B: Men's 1500 m
11 a.m. (local): Division A: Men's 1500 m and mass start; Women's 3000 m
*Division B: Men's mass start; Women's 3000 m
* times subject to change

ISU results website

Team Notes

  • SSC’s media guide and ISU results website.
  • At World Cup #1 in Heerenveen, Netherlands (Nov. 16-18), Canada collected two individual gold medals and a bronze in the women's team pursuit. The Canadian women had seven top 10 finishes, including the medals, while the men had six.
  • At World Cup #2 in Kolomna, Russia (Nov. 24-25), Canada collected two individual medals, a silver and bronze. The Canadian women had two top 10 finishes, including the medals, while the men had one.
  • At World Cup #3 in Astana, Kazakhstan (Dec. 1-2), Canada collected one individual medal, a gold by Christine Nesbitt in the 1500 m, and one gold medal in women's team pursuit. The Canadian women had three top 10 finishes, including the medals, while the men had two in the top 10.
  • At World Cup #4 in Nagano, Japan (Dec. 8-9), Canada won a gold and two silver individual medals, and a gold in men's team sprint. The Canadian women had four top 10 finishes, including the medals, while the men had seven in the top 10.
  • At World Cup #5 in Harbin, China (Dec. 15-16), the Canadian men had four top 10 finishes.
  • At World Cup #6 in Calgary (Jan. 19-20), Canada won a silver and bronze medal. The Canadian women had two top 10 finishes, including the medals, while the men had six in the top 10.
  • The World Cup Podium Tracker by Intact Insurance stands at $35,000 (10 gold, 15 silver; 10 bronze). Intact Insurance will award $1,000 in cash and prizes to a local speed skating club with each individual medal win. This season’s 34th medal came from Waddell today and Hamelin won the 35th. The Les Fines Lames de Sainte-Julie and Richmond Rockets Speed Skating Club will each receive $1,000 from the program for the podiums.

International competitions

Nov. 15-18: Can-Am International, Calgary
Nov. 15-16: Junior World Cup, Calgary
Nov. 16-18: World Cup #1, all distances, Heerenveen, Netherlands
Nov 24-25: World Cup #2, middle and long distances, Kolomna, Russia
Dec. 1-2: World Cup #3, middle and long distances, Astana, Kazakhstan
Dec. 8-9: World Cup #4, sprint distances, Nagano. Japan
Dec. 15-16: World Cup #5, sprint distances, Harbin, China
Jan. 12-13: Continental Regional Qualifier, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan. 19-20: World Cup #6, sprint distances, Calgary
Jan. 19-20: Junior World Cup, Roseville, Minn.
Jan. 26-27: World Sprint Championships, Salt Lake City, Utah
Feb. 9-10: World Cup #7, middle and long distances, Inzell, Germany
Feb. 16-17: World All-Round Championships, Hamar, Norway
Feb.16-17: Junior World Cup Final, Collalbo, Italy
Feb. 22-24: World Long Track Junior Championships, Collalbo, Italy
March 1-3: North American Championships, Salt Lake City, Utah
March 1-3: World Cup #8, all distances, Erfurt, Germany
March 8-10: World Cup Final, Heerenveen, Netherlands
March 21-24: World Single Distances Championships, Sochi, Russia

Canadian athletes for Essent ISU World Cup #7 (updated Feb. 5, 2013)

* National team athlete; # Development team athlete; Number is brackets () denotes career information, and other is this season.

WomenWC 1GoldSilverBronzeTotalHometownRaces for WC #7
Ivanie Blondin #3 (9)(0)1 (1)(0)1 (1)Ottawa3000
Kali Christ *3 (7)(0)(0)(0)(0)Regina1500, 3000
Cindy Klassen *3 (58)0 (13)0 (13)0 (13)0 (39)Winnipeg1500, 3000
Brittany Schussler *5 (65)(0)0 (1)0 (5)0 (6)Winnipeg1500, 3000
Totals14 (139)0 (13)1 (15)0 (18)1 (46)
MenWC 1GoldSilverBronzeTotalHometownRaces for WC #7
Jordan Belchos *3 (19)(0)(0)(0)(0)Toronto5000
Guillaume Blais-Dufour(0)(0)(0)(0)(0)Sherbrooke, Que.1500
Tyler Derraugh5 (10)(0)(0)(0)(0)Winnipeg1500
Mathieu Giroux *1 (10)(0)(0)(0)(0)Pointe-aux-Trembles, Que.1500
Lucas Makowsky *3 (36)(0)0 (1)(0)0 (1)Regina1500
Totals12 (75)(0)0 (1)(0)0 (1)

1 WC denotes number of participations at World Cups.

World Cup medals won by Canadians this season

RaceRankSkaterTimeWorld CupDate
PursuitBronzeBlondin, Nesbitt, Schussler3:02.33WC-1, Heerenveen18/11/12
PursuitGoldBlondin, Nesbitt, Schussler2:58.40WC-3, Astana2/12/12
SprintGoldDerraugh, Dutton, Junio WC-4, Nagano9/12/12
1000GoldDenny Morrison1:09.43WC-1, Heerenveen17/11/12
1500GoldChristine Nesbitt1:56.35WC-1, Heerenveen17/11/12
1500BronzeChristine Nesbitt1:56.16WC-2, Kolomna24/11/12
Mass startSilverIvanie Blondin19 ptsWC-2, Kolomna24/11/12
1500GoldChristine Nesbitt1:57.18WC-3, Astana2/12/12
1000SilverChristine Nesbitt1:15.24WC-4, Nagano8/12/12
1000GoldChristine Nesbitt1:15.13WC-4, Nagano9/12/12
1000SilverDenny Morrison1:09.64WC-4, Nagano9/12/12
500SilverGilmore Junio35.16WC-4, Nagano9/12/12
500BronzeJamie Gregg34.36WC-6, Calgary19/1/13
1000SilverChistine Nesbitt1:13.67WC-6, Calgary19/1/13

World Cup rankings by distance

Women500 m1000 m1500 m3000 m/5000 mMass startPursuitOverall
Men500 m1000 m1500 m5000 m/10000 mMass startPursuitOverall