LTPAD Branch Survey Report

Today, Speed Skating Canada is pleased to make available the findings of its first Branch Long Term Participant and Athlete Development (LTPAD) Implementation Survey. This report, which confirms the progress and efforts by provincial and territorial associations in adopting the principles of long term participant and athlete development, provides an overview of different strategies and identifies areas for improvement.

In addition to providing a snapshot of LTPAD implementation within speed skating in Canada, the report’s author, Dr. Jim McClements has provided several recommendations to SSC staff and committees on how to better support provincial/territorial associations, clubs and ordinary members. These recommendations are currently being reviewed and will serve to inform SSC’s strategy moving forward.

The report is available for download at: LTPAD Branch Survey Report

A second aspect of this study aimed to see its implementation at the club level during the 2010-11 season. However, due to late the circulation of the survey an insufficient number of responses were generated to provide data, this portion of the study was not completed. SSC will renew its efforts to gather data from club administrators and coaches to determine the level of implementation at the club level. As well, another survey of branch administrators, and one late in this season, will be used to measure progress over the coming year.

SSC would like to acknowledge the work done by project consultant Dr. Jim McClements in developing this survey, analysing the data and preparing the recommendations found within the report, and the financial support of Sport Canada through the department of Canadian Heritage which made this project possible.

For more information on SSC’s Long Term Participant and Athlete Development model, and activities relative to the recommendations of this report, please contact Douglas Duncan (, director of leadership education, or visit