My first Cyclocross National Championship race

Article courtesy Mark Knoll. Mark has taken a year-off to focus on cycling and marathon speed skating.

My first National Championship race was a challenge right from the start. After being called to the start line in about 25th spot out of 30 some riders, I knew I had a really big challenge ahead of me.

Due to a lack of ranking from the previous season, I was started amongst the end of the group. Nonetheless, after a really good start, I found myself within the top 12 riders. A lead group of 7 riders were off the front immediately, and featured the eventual winner Peter Wedge, who powerfully rode away from those other riders.

I battled hard passing a number of riders until I found myself in 8th position, looking periodically at the lead group. I would not catch them on this day, but having finished 8th, I earned myself a spot on the first row for next years start.

I am quite happy with the result considering I have only done 2 races of this discipline before.

What a lot of fun this sport can be!