Nathalie Lambert inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Nathalie Lambert has something more important than Olympic medals now.

Lambert, who won speed skating bronze in 1998, gold in 1992 and silver in 1994, recently travelled to China with her husband, Daniel Gaudette, and adopted a nine-month-old girl they have named Ann-Li. "I've waited in my life for a lot of things, a lot of big events, but this was the biggest by far," she said of Ann-Li. "This is my most precious trophy."

In recognition of her athletic accomplishments, Lambert was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday night along with Ted Lindsay, Jim Young and Geoff Gowan. Tim Horton and Carl Brewer also were inducted posthumously.

"In amateur sports there are a lot of Canadians who did well in different Games so for me to get this recognition is a privilege," Lambert, 39, of Montreal said in an interview. "This is a little overwhelming, an honour I never thought I would get.

"To have my name somewhere like this long after I'm gone, is recognition we don't expect when he enter into a sport and try to win Olympic medals. We don't think beyond that."

The highlight of her racing career was not winning Winter Games gold in a relay race in 1992, she said. It's the silver 1,000-metres medal from 1994 that means the most to her. She had fallen in her 500 event that year, hurting herself. The 1,000 was two days later.

"This was my last opportunity to get an individual medal, and it was the toughest one for me to get," she said. "That is the one I cherish the most."