NEWS: Qualifications on day 1 of the ISU Short Track World Cup in Salt Lake City

All 12 Canadian skaters move on to at least one of their quarterfinal events SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – On the first day today of the ISU World Cup (results web site) in Salt Lake City, Speed Skating Canada saw all 12 of its skaters move on to at least one of their quarterfinal events. In the women’s 1,000-metre race, Marianne St. Gelais of St. Félicien, Que., Caroline Truchon of Chicoutimi, Que., and Gabrielle Waddell of Red Deer, Alta., qualified for the quarterfinals. For the men’s 1,000-metre, Gabriel Chiasson-Poirier from Laval, Que., heads to the quarterfinals, while François-Louis Tremblay from Alma, Que., will have to skate in the repechage to qualify. François Hamelin from Sainte-Julie, Que., was penalized and eliminated from further 1,000-metre racing. In the first 1,500-metre qualifying, Marie-Ève Drolet of Laterrière, Que., Jessica Hewitt of Kamloops, B.C., and Valérie Maltais of La Baie, Que., qualified for the women’s quarterfinals. For the second 1,500-metre race on Sunday, Drolet and Waddell made it through to the quarterfinals, while Maltais was penalized and eliminated. In the men’s first 1,500-metre, Guillaume Bastille from Rivière-du-Loup, Que., Michael Gilday of Yellowknife and Charles Hamelin from Sainte-Julie, Que., qualified for the Saturday’s quarterfinals. In the qualifiers for Sunday’s 1,500-metre, François Hamelin and Tremblay moved to the quarterfinals, while Chiasson-Poirier will go through the repechage. The qualifications for the men’s 500-metre saw Bastille, Gilday and Charles Hamelin earn spots in Sunday’s quarterfinals. On the women’s side, St. Gelais and Truchon moved on to the quarterfinals, while Hewitt fell and did not finish the heat. There were changes in the initial distance assignments for the six men and two of the women. Bastille, Gilday and Charles Hamelin are competing in the first 1,500-metre race and the 500-metre. Chiasson-Poirier, François Hamelin and Tremblay opened their season with the 1,000-metre and second 1,500-metre races. On the women side, Hewitt skated the first 1,500-metre and 500-metre races, and Waddell raced in the 1000-metre and second 1,500-metre. Both men’s and women’s relay teams qualified for the semifinals on Saturday. Women: Drolet, Maltais, St. Gelais and Truchon. Men: Chiasson-Poirier, Gilday, Charles Hamelin and François Hamelin. Saturday’s races will see the 1,000-metre race, the first of two 1,500-metre competitions and the men’s and women’s relay semifinals. On Sunday, there will be the 500-metre and second 1,500-metre races, as well as the relay finals. - end -