Oval Invitational II wraps up

The Oval Short Track Invitational II wrapped up early Sunday afternoon at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.

Michel Friesen of British Columbia posted the fast time in the men’s 1000 metre with a time of one minute and 27.7 seconds. Brigid Farrell of the United States posted the fast time in the women’s 1000 metre with one minute and 35.7 seconds.

In the 3000-metre race, British Columbia’s Joseph Gladysz led the men with a time of five minutes and 3.3 seconds and Alberta’s Crystal Phelps led the women with a time of five minutes and 31.4 seconds.

In race action on Saturday, Anthony Lobello of the United States skated the fast time of day, clocking 42.205 seconds in the 500-metre race while in the women’s competition China’s Chunlu Wang skated in 45.43 seconds.

Friday’s top time for the 1500 metre was a two minute and 15.9 second race from Ontario’s Richard Shoebridge and a two minute and 22.1 second race from America’s Brigid Farrell.


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