Productive SSC Board Meeting at the Calgary Oval

Productive SSC Board Meeting at the Calgary Olympic Oval

Speed Skating Canada’s Board, along with the new CEO and key staff, met on Sept. 28-30 at the Calgary Olympic Oval. This was an opportunity not only to deal with national administrative matters, but also to join in the Olympic Oval’s 25th anniversary celebrations and to take the opportunity to meet with key national and local leaders and partners who contribute significantly to SSC’s success. As importantly, the Board had the opportunity to meet many national team and developmental athletes, both training at the Oval and those competing at the international long track competition that weekend.

In its first face-to-face meeting since the AGM, the Board set out its annual priorities and operating protocols. As well, with the new Not For Profit Act regulations looming, there was considerable discussion surrounding changes that may be required within the SSC governance model to align with the NFP regulations, and in the opportunity to look at the existing SSC policies and committee structures for efficiencies and benefit – all this to provide the Governance Committee with further direction in their work toward a final presentation to the membership.

In its discussions, the Board identified four key programming elements that are considered priorities to move forward:

  1. The Board approved a 2012-13 fiscal year budget, and set a deficit target for the staff to work within.
  2. The Board requested a review of the current SSC/TrojanOne marketing partnership as it pertains to a “go forward” relationship in all areas of SSC programming.
  3. The Board reviewed all Committee updates provided, and reiterated its commitment to a strong and collaborative volunteer/staff Committee structure.
  4. The Board requested a review of the current National Team Appeal Policy to ensure that it is robust and reflective of best practice going forward.

For its own operation, the Board identified six key strategies that it will focus on for the fiscal year:

  1. A commitment to budget control and deficit reduction.
  2. A commitment to strengthen the Board’s connections with SSC Branches.
  3. A commitment to design a long-term fundraising strategy.
  4. A commitment to continued review and revision of SSC bylaws, policies and P+R’s to conform with the upcoming NFP regulations.
  5. A commitment to support a stronger SSC staff working relationship with all SSC volunteers.
  6. The completion, presentation and approval of the SSC Strategic Plan at the 2013 AGM.

The Board will continue with its monthly conference calls, but the next face-to-face meeting will be in January 2013, date and site to be determined. A summary of Board meeting minutes are posted on the SSC website at the following link: