Quebec sweeps medals in women’s 1500m at 2003 Canada Games

Quebec skaters continued their dominance in short track competition winning a total of five medals on the opening day of competition at the 2003 Canada Winter Games in Campbellton, New Brunswick.

In the women’s final, Quebec women were lead by Annick Plamondon of Longueuil who captured the gold medal followed by teammates Raphaele Lemieux of Notre-Dame-du-Portage and Émilie Nadeau-Benoit of Longueuil.

“We were hoping to finish 1-2-3, so we had to position ourselves in front from the start” stated Lemieux.

“We didn’t discuss strategy before the race other than playing it safe among ourselves”, added Plamondon. “We’re not able to talk to each other on the ice or we’ll be disqualified.”

“I would have tried to pass Annick if the opportunity had presented itself but I didn’t have the legs to catch her”, stated Lemieux.

In the men’s final, national team member Steve Robillard of Montreal won the gold medal followed by Joffrey Larocque of Calgary and Mathieu Giroux of Montreal.

When Robillard was asked if the Quebec men had also discussed the possibility of placing 1-2-3, he replied:

“In my mind, all I wanted was to finish first. I didn’t worry about my teammates”.

Robillard spent most of the race at the back of the pack with fellow teammates Giroux and Olivier Jean. He made his move when Travis Jayner of Riverview, New Brunswick fell with 2 laps to go.

“Racing involves lots of strategy and you need to know when to make your move”.

Racing continues on Tuesday with the 500m heats and finals as well as the 1000m heats and the relay preliminaries for men and women.