Royal Canadian Mint 2009 Canada Cup #3 - Day 2 - Justine L’Heureux, Kirsty Lay & Mathieu Giroux shine

(Quebec, March 7, 2009) – Justine L’Heureux (St-Tite, Qc), Mathieu Giroux (Montreal, Qc) and Kirsty Lay (Medicine Hat, Alb) shined on day 2 of competition at the Royal Canadian Mint 2009 Canada Cup #3 held at the Gaétan Boucher Oval in Québec City.

The three athletes each won gold and silver medals today milder conditions.

L’Heureux, 2008 Junior World vice-champion, won the 1000m in a time of 1:23.22, a new track record for the Gaétan Boucher Oval. Lay finished second in a time of 1:24.25. The ladies switch rankings in the 3000m with Lay finishing ahead of L’Heureux by almost 4 seconds.

Former short track skater, Mathieu Giroux, participating in his last competition of the season, achieved excellent performances in winning the 15000m and finishing second in the 5000m behind Jordan Belchos (Toronto, Ont), a specialist in the distance.

“I feel bad at not having had a better start as I still had some energy left at the end of the race” declared Giroux after his 5000m performance. Complete race results are available at

Exchange of new 25 cents coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.

During the second day of competition, several athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators were able to pick up a commemorative speed skating pieces which were produced for the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Representatives from the Royal Canadian Mint were on hand to offer participants an opportunity to exchange their 25 cents coins for the commemorative speed skating pieces.

The competition will conclude tomorrow with the men’s 500m, 1000m and 10000m and ladies 500m, 1000m and 5000m.


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