Short Track Skaters Back in Action for 2011-12 Fall World Cup Selections

Gilday, Jean and St. Gelais were today’s winners

MONTREAL - Canada’s top short track speed skaters were back in competition today, as the first event of the 2011-12 season started in Montreal with the Fall World Cup Selections. Sixteen (16) male and 16 female skaters are competing twice in each of the 500-metre, 1,000-metre and 1,500-metre races. Today’s competition featured the 500- and 1,500-metre disciplines. Saturday will see the 1,000 metres and 1,500 metres, and wrapping up on Sunday with the 500-metre, 1,000-metre and relays.

St. Félicien, Que., native and Olympian Marianne St. Gelais won both the women’s 500 metres and 1,500 metres races. She posted a time of 44.979 seconds in the 500 and 2:26.758 in the 1,500.

Olivier Jean edged 2010 Olympic teammate Charles Hamelin to take the 500-metre race. Jean, of Lachenaie, Que., won with a time of 42.247 seconds. In the 1,500-metre final, Michael Gilday of Iqaluit also took first place ahead of Hamelin with a time of 2:18.466.

Today’s standings in the 500-metre and 1,500-metre events were as follows.

Women 500 metres:

  1. Marianne St-Gelais (St-Félicien, Que.)
  2. Valérie Maltais (La Baie, Que.)
  3. Marie-Eve Drolet (Laterrière, Que.)
  4. Jessica Hewitt (Langley, B.C.)
  5. Kasandra Bradette (Roberval, Que.)
  6. Gabrielle Waddell (Red Deer, Alta.)
  7. Caroline Truchon (Chicoutimi, Que.)
  8. Andrea Do-Duc (Montreal)
  9. Sabrina Bourgela (Montreal)
  10. Vanessa Bélanger-Marceau (Loretteville, Que.)
  11. Courtney Shmyr (Vancouver)
  12. Ann-Véronique Michaud (Amqui, Que.)
  13. Gillian Richmond (Sarnia, Ont.)
  14. Ana Pacanins (Caracas, Venezuela)
  15. Léa Thibault (Laval, Que.)
  16. Maude Bezeau (Laval, Que.)

Men 500 metres:

  1. Olivier Jean (Lachenaie, Que.)
  2. Charles Hamelin (Ste-Julie, Que.)
  3. François Hamelin (Ste-Julie, Que.)
  4. François-Louis Tremblay (Alma, Que.)
  5. Liam McFarlane (Medicine Hat, Alta.)
  6. Michael Gilday (Iqaluit, Nunavut)
  7. Pier-Olivier Gagnon (Quebec)
  8. Allyn Gagnon (Ottawa)
  9. Maxime Fortin (Rivière-du-loup, Que.)
  10. Guillaume Bastille (Rivière-du-Loup, Que.)
  11. Alex Boisvert-Lacroix (Fleurimont, Que.)
  12. Rémi Beaulieu (Alma, Que.)
  13. Alexandre St-Jean (Quebec)
  14. Vincent Cournoyer (Longueuil, Que.)
  15. Charle Cournoyer (Longueuil, Que.)
  16. Gabriel Chiasson-Poirier (Laval, Que.)

Women 1,500 metres:

  1. Marianne St-Gelais (St-Félicien, Que.)
  2. Marie-Eve Drolet (Chicoutimi, Que.)
  3. Valérie Maltais (La Baie, Que.)
  4. Caroline Truchon (Chicoutimi, Que.)
  5. Ann-Véronique Michaud (Amqui, Que.)
  6. Vanessa Bélanger-Marceau (Loretteville, Que.)
  7. Gabrielle Waddell (Red Deer, Alta.)
  8. Sabrina Bourgela (Montreal)
  9. Andrea Do-Duc (Montreal)
  10. Gillian Richmond (Sarnia, Ont.)
  11. Kasandra Bradette (Roberval, Que.)
  12. Léa Thibault (Laval, Que.)
  13. Jessica Hewitt (Langley, B.C.)
  14. Courtney Shmyr (Vancouver)
  15. Ana Pacanins (Caracas, Venezuela)
  16. Maude Bezeau (Laval, Que.)

Men 1,500 metres:

  1. Michael Gilday (Iqaluit, Nunavut)
  2. Guillaume Bastille (Rivière-du-Loup, Que.)
  3. Charles Hamelin (Ste-Julie, Que.)
  4. François Hamelin (Ste-Julie, Que.)
  5. Charle Cournoyer (Longueuil, Que.)
  6. Olivier Jean (Lachenaie, Que.)
  7. Vincent Cournoyer (Longueuil, Que.)
  8. Alexandre St-Jean (Quebec)
  9. Gabriel Chiasson-Poirier (Laval, Que.)
  10. Rémi Beaulieu (Alma, Que.)
  11. Allyn Gagnon (Ottawa)
  12. Pier-Olivier Gagnon (Quebec)
  13. François-Louis Tremblay (Alma, Que.)
  14. Maxime Fortin (Rivière-du-loup, Que.)
  15. Liam McFarlane (Medicine Hat, Alta.)
  16. Alex Boisvert-Lacroix (Fleurimont, Que.)

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