Speed Skating Canada Partners with Interpodia for New Membership Platform

New membership management platform expected to launch in August 2020

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - In the spirit of our new Strategic Plan and its objective of Organizational Excellence, Speed Skating Canada (SSC) announced in January 2020 its decision to identify and implement a new digital infrastructure that will replace the current Membership and Affiliation System (MAS).

Given the current situation we are facing with COVID-19, we believe it is of critical importance – now more than ever – to implement digital tools that will facilitate easier member servicing and drive growth opportunities. Looking to the future, sport will play a key role in uniting Canadians once this crisis has passed, and a new platform will place our speed skating community in the best position for membership success.

Over the past several months, SSC has led a comprehensive RFP process in collaboration with various stakeholders from across the speed skating community, with the objective of selecting and implementing an integrated membership and events management platform that will become the backbone of our sport. Today, we are excited to announce the results of this RFP process, which has led to a new strategic partnership with Interpodia, a technology and online solutions provider that powers flexible, sport-specific platforms for sport organizations, clubs and events.

“Speed Skating Canada is thrilled to partner with Interpodia in the development of a membership management platform that will power our sport across Canada. Interpodia’s experience and innovative solutions will help us better serve our existing speed skating community and drive growth in membership, both critical elements of our organization’s Strategic Plan.” – Susan Auch

Interpodia has worked alongside sport organizations since 2009 and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their client base includes a wide range of National Sport Organizations in Canada, including including Canada Snowboard, Cycling Canada, Badminton Canada, Triathlon Canada, Equestrian Canada and the Canadian Fencing Federation. In addition to membership management and event registration tools, SSC and its member organizations will have access to Interpodia’s growing collection of modern features, including digital waiver management, digital membership cards, safe sport compliance tracking, MailChimp integration, donation processing, fundraising pages and more.

SSC will be working with PTSOs and clubs over the coming months on individualized transition plans from the current system. A Discovery and Testing Group made up of SSC members will also be engaged to help define the platform’s structure and roll-out strategy. The new system is expected to launch in August 2020.