Speed Skating Canada welcomes Apogee as its new high performance apparel partner

Speed Skating Canada is pleased to be welcoming Apogee as its new high performance apparel partner. Apogee, a Canadian company, will be providing Speed Skating Canada’s Short and Long Track National Teams with its competition and training apparel through to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

John-Paul Cody-Cox, Chief Executive Officers for Speed Skating Canada, is extremely pleased with this new partnership: ‘ We have vetted a variety of options for performance apparel and determined with our staff and research partners that Apogee was the best company to provide us with the highest level of performance wear for the team and the athletes. Apogee has demonstrated a level of commitment and set of similar values with SSC that made this deal something more than a sponsorship – they are a company dedicated to excellence and the community. I know our athletes and coaches as well as our membership are truly looking forward to this new partnership.’

The team of experts at Apogee along with the continued partnership with the NRC (National Research Council) will ensure that Canadian athletes will be stepping to the start line with confidence in having world class technology, innovation and design in their racing suits. Stéphane Roy, Apogee’s President, stated: ‘ We are thrilled to start working with the best high performance athletes on ice in Canada and to create a stimulating environment where everyone feels they get what they have been expecting from Apogee sports. We have been working very closely in the past few years with the best Fabric Company Worldwide to be able to provide new and tested development fabrics. We are stepping to another level of high performance apparel and we are thrilled to give this new technology to Speed Skating Canada and their top athletes.’.

Speed Skating Canada welcomes Apogee to the speed skating family and has no doubt that this partnership will bring success to both companies, as well as to the national Canadian speed skating teams.