SSC Looking for Skate Technicians for the 2011 Canada Winter Games



Speed Skating Canada is seeking two skate technicians to support athletes and coaches at the 2011 Halifax Canada Winter Games. The Technicians will be accredited as Major Officials and will receive travel expenses, meal allowance and accommodations.

Short Track – 1
Long Track - 1

One Skate Technician will be assigned to work with the short track and one will be assigned to work with the long track skaters and coaches. The role of the Technicians is to repair damaged equipment. Coaches and athletes are responsible for their own blade set-up and maintenance.


The candidates will be required to be in Halifax by February 10 until February 19, 2011 and are required to be in attendance at the venue for all practices and competitions.

1. Experience working with CWG age skaters and various coaches
2. Knowledge and experience of blade bending techniques required for a skaters given their strength and speed
3. Knowledge and experience of amount of rocker required for a skater given their strength and speed
4. Knowledge and experience of boot repair
5. Knowledge and experience of blade repair
6. Ability to work under pressure.
7. The ability to speak both official languages would be considered an asset.

Equipment needed:

The technician will need to bring his/her own equipment to the CWG:

• Stones
• Blade bender
• Gauge
• Nuts, springs and bolts,
• Portable Rockering Machine

The technician will be compensated for any supplies used at the games by the skaters using the service.
This is an emergency repair service only and the candidate would not be expected to work on every skater’s blades. Skaters are expected to arrive at the games with their equipment in order.

Applications should be sent to Dawn Currie, Sport Development Director at stating the applicant’s qualifications and experience and providing the name and contact information of one character reference and one skate technician reference. The deadline for applications is: April 24th, 2010.

For further information contact:

Dawn Currie, Sport Development Director