Strong Canadian results at the short track speed skating Junior World Championships

Montréal, March 11th, 2014 – The Canadian team had strong results, showing the country’s promise anddepth in short track speed skating at the Junior World Championships recently held in Erzurum, Turkey


On the first day of competition, only Sébastien Gagnon (Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC) made the men’s 1500m final, where he took 5th place. His teammate, Albertan Alexander Fathoullin, finished 19th after taking a penalty in the semi-final. Samuel Girard (Ferland-et-Boilleau, QC), finished 47th.  

On the women’s side, Kim Boutin (Sherbrooke, Québec) finished 11th after a strong 4th place finish in the semi-final. Namasthée Harris Gauthier (Montréal, QC) finished 18th, edging out her teammate Audrey Phaneuf (Boucherville, QC) who took 19th spot, unable to make it past the quarter finals.

Final, men’s 1500m

  1. Been Lee Hyo, Korea, 2:19.791
  2. Munhyeon Lee, Korea, 2:19.912
  3. Ziwei  Ren, China, 2:19.946
  4. Sandor Liu Shaolin, Hungary, 2:21.167

Final, women’s 1500m

  1. Do Hee Noh, Korea, 2:34.498
  2. Minjeong Choi, Korea, 2:34.669
  3. Se Jung Ahn, Korea, 2:34.830
  4. Yutong Han, China, 2:35.187

500 m

Samuel Girard skated to a second place finish in Saturday’s 500m final. Girard, who considers the 1500m his specialty, was quite pleased with his result. Sébastien Gagnon took 10th and Alexander Fathoullin, eliminated in the preliminaries, finished 21st.

On the women’s side, Kim Boutin was again the best Canadian, earning 7th place for the cumulative results on the distance. Her teammates Audrey Phaneuf and Namasthée Harris Gauthier finished 14th and 15th, respectively.

Final, men’s 500m

  1. Sandor Liu Shaolin, Hungary, 41.925
  2. Samuel Girard, Canada, 42.051
  3. Denis Nikisha, Kazakhstan, 44.844
  4. In Suk Hong, United States, 1:06.660

Final, women’s 500m

  1. Sofia Prosvirnova, Russia, 43.704
  2. Yutong Han, China, 43.765
  3. Se Jung Ahn, Korea, 44.473
  4. Do Hee Noh, Korea, 1 :25.098

1000 m

On the last day of the Junior World Championships, Samuel Girard finished 4th in the 1000m, ahead of teammates Sébastien Gagnon and Alexander Fathoullin who finished 13th and 16th, respectively.

On the women’s side, Namasthée Harris Gauthier finished 6th and Kim Boutin 8th. Audrey Phaneuf was side-lined after the quarter finals, finishing in 12th spot.

Final, men’s 1000m

  1. Hyo Been Lee, Korea, 1:27.294
  2. Munhyeon Lee, Korea, 1:27.364
  3. Sandor Liu Shaolin, Hungary, 1:27.423
  4. Samuel Girard, Canada, 1:27.445

Final, women’s 1000m

  1. Minjeong Choi, Korea, 1:31.609
  2. Se Jung Ahn, Korea, 1:31.702
  3. Do Hee Noh, Korea, 1:31.809
  4. Han Xiao, China, 1:32.609

1500m super final

Exclusively reserved to the meet’s top six skaters, the 1500m super final was the second-last event staged on Sunday. Quebecker Samuel Girard once again left an impression when he took the silver. Girard earned 4th place overall for the Championships.

No Canadian woman participated in the 1500m super final.

Super final, men’s 1500m

  1. Munhyeon Lee, Korea, 2:21.654
  2. Samuel Girard, Canada, 2:21.706
  3. Sandor Liu Shaolin, Hungary, 2:21.829
  4. Ziwei Ren, China, 2:22.108 

Super final, women’s 1500m

  1. Do Hee Noh, Korea, 2:52.675
  2. Se Jung Ahn, Korea, 2:52.728
  3. Minjeong Choi, Korea, 2:52.835
  4. Sofia Prosvirnova, Russia, 2:52.903


Canadians Alexander Fathoullin, Samuel Girard, Sébastien Gagnon and Maxime Laoun finished third in their semi-final heat of the 3000m relay which unfortunately wasn’t good enough for a trip to the final. They finished the event in 6th place.

The Canadian women’s team composed of Audrey Phaneuf, Kim Boutin, Namasthée Harris Gauthier and Joanie Gervais won silver in the final, behind the powerhouse Koreans.

Final, men’s 3000m relay

  1. China, 4:04.012
  2. Hungary, 4:04.090
  3. Japan, 4:06.378
  4. Korea, 4:10.362

Final, women’s 3000m relay

  1. Korea, 4:12.848
  2. Canada, 4:15.114
  3. China, 4:30.895 
  4. Russia, PEN