Summary of the SSC Board Meeting – April 12-14

Summary of the SSC Board Meeting – Ottawa

The SSC board of directors face to face meeting for the spring of 2013 occurred in Ottawa from April 12-14. There was a full agenda for the three day meeting, the highlights being listed below:

  • For the first time, the Board invited many of the Committee Chairs to present their update reports in person at the Board meeting – given that many Chairs reside in Ottawa, this was a logical and pleasant opportunity. Committee Chairs reported on the progress to date for their respective agenda’s, and the Board confirmed once again the Committee budgets for the 2013-14 fiscal year.
  • The Board received verbal update reports from Ian Dalling (Sport Canada) and Anne Merklinger (Own The Podium); both were positive in their comments regarding SSC program management activities. Ian provided information to the Board on the upcoming Sport Funding and Accountability Framework Assessment (SFAF), while Anne focused on SSC’s OTP programme review and OTP personnel adjustments on their winter sport programme.
  • The Board reviewed in detail the bylaw and policy work of the Governance Committee and indicated a level of confidence in the progress to date. The Board supports the member consultation plan proposed by the Governance Committee and feel that the process is on track for member approval of SSC’s revised Bylaws and Articles at the 2013 AGM.
  • The Board reviewed further detail regarding the SSC 2013-14 budget, with particular emphasis on the high performance programme component of the budget. Staff also provided further forecasting on the 2012-13 final budget numbers – these will be shared with the Branch Presidents at the next Board/Presidents call.
  • The site for the AGM (University of Ottawa) was toured by the Board and the detailed AGM weekend schedule was reviewed and ratified by the Board. The Board also reviewed the nomination and election process for the AGM.
  • Updates were provided to the Board by staff on the ISU Essent Speed Skating World Cup (Calgary, November), the 2014 ISU Short Track World Championships (Montreal, March) and the respective Short Track and Long Track Olympic trials preparations. The Board were pleased with the interest shown by the Canadian Olympic Committee to partner with SSC in the presentation of both Olympic trials.
  • The CEO provided an update to the Board on national office activities, including plans for the replacement of the Director of Leadership Education, work on the association’s Strategic Plan, internal and Branch communication initiatives, and progress in the area of sponsor servicing and new activation.
  • The Board discussed preliminary needs to be considered on-site in Sochi for the Olympic Games, emphasizing the importance of sponsor and family/friend service at a level that is consistent with the fiscal reality of SSC.
  • The Board will continue with monthly conference calls, and will meet at the AGM in Ottawa. The first face to face meeting of the new Board (post AGM) will be Aug. 14-18 at the Short Track Olympic Selections in Montreal.