SUMMER UPDATE - Journal entry by James Monson


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It's hard to believe but our dry-land training is more than half over. The last month or so of training has gone really well. It's been mostly cycling and weights, as per usual. The intensity and volume has really picked up and we had lots of days where we were training twice a day. The team has also been doing a lot of dry-land imitations and a little bit of in-lining.

At the end of June, Speed skate Canada had their AGM. This year it was held in Canmore, AB. It was three days of meetings, finishing up with an Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. All the national team skaters from Calgary were invited to the Banquet. It was an excellent dinner and it gave the skaters a chance to meet some of the people involved in skating on the administrative side.

In the beginning of July the team had a rest phase of about 5 days. We normally don't take this much time off in a row, but the coaches want to make sure we stay rested throughout the summer. With some extra days off, almost everybody went home or on a little holiday. I went home to Winnipeg. One of my good friends got married and I was in the wedding party. It was a good time. I got to see all my old friends again. After that I went out to the lake with my family. We have a cottage about 2 hours east of Winnipeg, close to Kenora, Ontario. I love it there! It's probably my most favorite place to go to in the world. The whole family was there so needless to say it was like a zoo. Still a great time!

I've been back in Calgary since the 6th of July. The last week of training has been good. We did a time trial/race out in Cochrane. We road out, raced up and down the hill four times and then road home. At the end of the week we went out to Barrier Lake and raced up the mountain, about 45 minutes. We just had some testing in the lab this morning. It went well. It gives us an indicator of how the training is going. That's about it for now.

Talk to you soon,

James Monson