Training begins - Athlete journal by James Monson


Here we go again. It's the end of April and it's time to start training. This is officially the start of the 2005-2006 season. I've just had roughly 6 weeks off since my last race. Most skaters will take anywhere between 4-8 weeks each year in order to rest and get ready for the next season. It's important to take some time off to allow the body to recover fully and also to mentally recovery from a season of training and racing.

Throughout the summer we will do a lot of cycling, running and weights. With the exception of the weights most of our training is done outdoors. That can be a bit of a problem in Calgary in the spring time because the weather can be very unforgiving. Considering I'm looking out my window right now and seeing snow. That can make training a little more difficult.

This year the national long track team has been given an extra training camp. The entire national long track team, sprinters and long distance skaters, will be going to California for a cycling camp. We will be leaving on April 30 and returning on May 10th. This being an Olympic year, our coaches thought it would be a good way to start the season. We don't normally have a training camp until June so this is a big surprise. I'm pretty pumped because I love cycling and this will make the start of the season a lot easier.

That's if for now, just a short update. I will continue with my updates this season and I hope you enjoy them.

Take care,

James Monson