We Are All #TeamCanada

As Canadians, it’s on us to help flatten the curve. What does it take to do that? It takes courage. It takes strength. It takes patience. It takes a nation. It’s time for us to unite and work together even though we are apart. It’s time for us to show our support for Canada and all those who are making sacrifices to make a difference.

We're joining the Canadian Olympic Committes campaign to rally all Canadians to come together to display our unity and support for each other, proving that We Are All Team Canada.

The ask to Canadians is quite simple:

  • HANG YOUR SIGN PROUDLY in your window or on your door for everyone in your community to see.
  • TAKE A PHOTO AND POST IT on social media. Use the hashtag #TeamCanada and tag @TeamCanada. Tag your friends and family as well to challenge them to do the same.