Classes of members, skaters & supporters

> More details regarding the Classes of members, skaters and supporters, please check out the Red Book (page 8)


A skater who competes in International and/or Domestic sanctioned competitions i.e. SSC National Championships (Age Class, Junior, Senior), Canada Cups, North Americans, Canada Winter Games and Selection events in Canada.



A skater who competes in any other SSC or Branch sanctioned competition.



A skater who is a member of a Canadian speed skating club who does not compete in a sanctioned event.



A skater who participates in a Learn to Skate or Student program from 16 -23 weeks conducted by clubs to provide the participant with an introduction to speed skating.


Special Event

A skater who participates in an individual sanctioned competition or special event.


Associate - Coach 

An individual who participates in the delivery of speed skating programs and identifies as In-trainingTrained, or Certified in the NCCP coaching context.


Associate - Official 

An individual who participates in the delivery of speed skating competitions and has completed a minimum of Level 1 training in a provincial, territorial, or national officials’ development program.


Associate - Volunteer 

An individual who supports the delivery of activities for the betterment of speed skating in their community and beyond. 


Speed Skating Canada Membership Fees

Membership Category















Special Event 



Associate - Coach $6$6.50
Associate - Official $6 $6.50
Associate - Volunteer$6 $6.50