Club Organization & Structure

Club Organization and Structure

Once the club has been promoted and interested members identified, an organizing meeting should be called. This meeting will be primarily for appointing an interim executive and to determine the structure of the association. The establishment of an interim executive will ensure progress. Once the club is operational, an executive can be elected from the membership.If the club chooses to become incorporated as a society under the Societies Act, they are required to develop a constitution and by-laws for the club and follow all other requirements in the Act. A smaller organizing committee may instead wish to simply develop a terms of reference. Generally the recreation leader or any other individual assuming the leadership role should act as the chairperson of the first organizing meeting. The key individual will also be responsible for preparing the initial agenda, and should include the general information about the club, its goals, the interim executive and the role and responsibilities of the executive positions. The initial structure of an executive commonly takes the following form:


  • Act as chairperson of all club meeting
  • Ensures all orders and resolutions of the executive are carried out
  • Manages the officers of the club
  • Is frequently one of the signing officers of the club
  • Contacts/liaises with P/TSO


  • Performs duties and exercise the powers of the chairperson in his/her absence<
  • Performs various duties assigned by the president


  • Has custody of all funds
  • Maintains a simple ledger of all club revenues and expenditures
  • Ensures finances are accounted for
  • Co-signs all club cheques
  • Assists in the preparation of the annual budget


  • Reads all required correspondence and writes required responses
  • Notifies all members of meetings
  • Records minutes and procedures of the club
  • Keeps a file of all correspondence, minutes and reports of the club (usually for a period of five years)
The recreation leader is available as a resource person while the local recreation committee can function as an advisory group.