Start a Speed Skating Club

A club, by definition, is an organized group of people working together for a common purpose. Benefits of forming a speed skating club include:• Encouraging local ownership;• Providing an organized form of recreation at the community level;• Promoting the development of leadership;• Encouraging cooperation and teamwork;• Coordinating fundraising activities;The advantages of forming a non-profit club, registered as a company, include the following:
• Limiting the liability of members of various debts and obligations on which the club could be liable;
• Provide organizations with a more permanent although individual members may change;
• Incorporate the business and affairs of the organization;
• Eligibility for financial assistance from funding agencies and governments.

The Initial Steps

  1. Make sure there is a need for the sport club
  2. Talk to members of the community, find out their interest and get their support to look at new and improved ways to organize the club.
  3. Call a meeting to discuss the benefits of a sport club and to confirm who the interested community members are.
  4. Get those interested members together for a working meeting to plan how to better improve the club in the community. If this is the first attempt to organize a club, ask and encourage them to sit on the executive. As the club develops, members can later be elected to the executive.
  5. Draft some guidelines for the club that include:
  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Structure
  • Responsibilities and authorities of the executive
  • Relationship of the club to local recreation committee
  1. Host the first annual meeting, agree with the principle of forming a club and organize how you will operate. Invite resource people such as your recreation leader, and/or member from provincial/territorial sport organization, provincial/territorial sport federation and/or ministry.